Lime Place – getting out and about…

Grenada is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Grenadian people are friendly, honest, polite, courteous and immensely proud of their island!

Buses are easy to use, they run all over the island from one town to another, and if you ask, usually bus drivers will happily drive you to a destination a little way off their usual route for a couple of extra dollars much like a taxi might – it’s really very flexible and laid back.

Taxis are plentiful, they are clean and safe, and drivers will be able to provide you with an estimated cost for your journey before you travel.

Hire cars are reasonably priced, with many companies offering competitive rates. If you choose, you can organise to pick a car up at the airport when you arrive and drop it back when you go back to the airport to fly home. In Grenada they drive on the left, you will need a driving permit which your hire car company can organise for you, and you must wear a seatbelt. Car hire is definitely not essential, but it is a great way to explore the island independently.


Whilst it may be tempting to spend your holiday on the white sandy beaches, with some snorkeling or canoeing (something offered at a reasonable price most days on Morne Rouge beach), Grenada has such a lot to see and do and getting out and about to explore is a must! Here are some ideas to get you started…

Fishing & Snorkeling – on Morne Rouge and Grand Anse beaches there are many places where you can arrange to go fishing, have a trip on a boat, go snorkeling or scuba diving, it’s worth having a look around, but if you want a recommendation ask your host.

Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park is definitely worth seeing it’s not very far out to sea, and can be seen whilst snorkeling.  

Fish Friday at Gouyave, St. John - on Friday every week, everything comes alive after dark with local bands playing music, and obviously all sorts of delicious food options on offer.

Take a ferry to Carriacou - Carriacou is a small island just off the north west coast of Grenada, it’s smaller than Grenada and very beautiful. You can choose to do a day trip or stay overnight. The ferry departs Monday to Saturday at 9am and returns at 3:30pm. It costs about $31 USD each way, per person. You can buy your tickets in advance at the ticket office or show up on the day no later than half an hour prior to departure at The Queens Jetty on the Carenage, which is just across from the fire station in St. George's. To get to St George’s you can take the number 1 bus from the bottom of the hill.

Tour of the Spice Island – create your own itinerary or take the advice from your host who can also offer tour options to suit you.

Adventure River Tubing – take a ride on a rubber tube down the Balthazar mountain river, taking in the sites, smells and sounds of the rainforest – it’s not named Grenada’s ‘great river’ for nothing!

Sailboat or Catamaran Rentals - call Horizon Yacht Charters on 473-439-1000. They keep their boats in ship shape condition and can help you with itineraries and places to visit. Your host can help you with other options, but don't settle for cheap, go with safe and sound!

Visit a Waterfall – there are many beautiful waterfalls in Grenada; Seven Sisters Falls in Grand Etang National Park, Concord Falls, Annandale Falls, Victoria Falls – they are all magnificent in their own way.  

Grand Etang Lake - surrounded by a rain forest, the lake is in an old crater some 1,700 feet above sea level – it’s very pretty.

Visit St George’s Market - vibrant, colourful, noisy and exciting, enjoy the hustle and bustle and learn about what grows on the island, including different types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Rum Factories – your trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip around a rum factory! There are several famous rums made in Grenada, River Antoine, Rivers, Clarkes Court and Westerhall.

Chocolate – the next best thing to rum!  Grenada is known as the ‘Spice Island Of the Caribbean’ for its nutmeg and mace production, but with an increasing number of bean-to-bar chocolate makers, the island is on a path to becoming the chocolate capital of the Caribbean and one of the finest chocolate producing countries in the world. As an introduction to chocolate in Grenada, start with a visit to the House of Chocolate Grenada. Located on Young Street in St George’s, this is a small museum with gift shop and cafe featuring Grenada’s organic cocoa & chocolate. You will be able to sample and purchase products from Grenada’s five bean-to-bar chocolate makers including the Grenada Chocolate Factory, Diamond Chocolate Factory (Jouvay Chocolate), Crayfish Bay Organics, Belmont Estate and newest on the market Tri-Island Chocolate.

Belmont Estate - located in St Patrick’s an hour’s scenic drive from St George’s. Dating back to the late 1600s, it’s the oldest working plantation in Grenada and one of the ultimate chocolate experiences as you will have the opportunity to tour their cocoa processing facilities and depending on the time of year, you can participate in “walking the cocoa” which is a process for drying the cocoa beans. They also do a buffet lunch which is delicious!


Lime Place - Our favorite restaurants…

La Plywood  - a beach bar literally steps from Lime Place, right on the beach, they are open most days, you can buy two beers for $5, and their fish tacos are delicious also for $5 each. 

Sur Le Mur - is the beach bar/ restaurant next door to La Plywood, again right on the beach, they serve roti’s a must when you come to Grenada.  

Umberellas - on Grand Anse beach has a vibrant and lively atmosphere, most nights they have live music, and they do a great rum punch! They serve burgers, wings, nachos, fried prawns, and wraps and they also do take out.

61 West - is also on Grand Anse beach, they have comfy sofas and chairs where you can sip a cocktail or two, their menu consists of lobster, prawns, steak, salads, and burgers.

Aquarium - we visit the Aquarium at least once every time we travel to Grenada, for us Sunday’s are best because they have a BBQ where you can choose from enormous grilled lobsters, steaks, fish, they also have a salad cart, and from 3.30 each week they have live music to enjoy whilst you sit right on the beach and enjoy the amazing views, in fact, you can see Lime Place just across the bay!

The Nutmeg - if you want to try more a more traditionally Grenadian meal, in St George’s on the Carenage you’ll find The Nutmeg, it’s been there for many years. When you’ve eaten, for a small charge you can take a boat back to Morne Rouge beach from right outside on the Carenage.

BB's Crabback - the owner is from Ealing in London but returned to Grenada to be closer to his roots! The restaurant is just around the Carenage tucked away in the corner at the end of the road. They are famous for their oildown on a Friday – Grenada’s national dish and definitely worth a try! Their crabbacks as you’d imagine are also delicious.

Dodgy Dock - as the name implies is on a dock, they have themed nights with live music every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. On Wednesdays they have a street food night where local restaurants come to serve their specialties.

Sangria - serving tapas is a one-minute walk away from Lime Place with amazing bay views.

Flamboyant - also local to Lime Place, providing a mix of food options, you can choose to eat at the beach side restaurant or have a less formal meal at the bar.

Mount Cinnamon - the next resort along from Flamboyant, offering food at the beach side dining room, they also have a Saturday night bonfire.

As you explore, you’ll find many places to grab a snack and eat like the locals. The best place for roti’s is in Grenville, where in the high street there’s a little wooden shop with a queue out into the road. They make the food while you wait, roti’s, doubles, bakes, and so on – all amazing.


Lime Place - Useful to know!

Currency: the local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. It is tied to the US Dollar at a fixed rate of about 2.70. Most restaurants and shops will take both currencies, as well as card payments. There is an ATM machine in the Spiceland Mall where you can withdraw EC dollars.  

Tipping: resorts often include gratuities, so it’s a good idea to check your bill, if not then 10-20% is usually greatly appreciated and cash tips are best.

Mobile Phones:  most bars and restaurants in Grenada offer free Wi-Fi, and you’ll also have Wi-Fi at Lime Place, once you are connected the free/ cheapest way to make calls or use social media is on What’s App.

Pharmacy, Grocery, ATM, Bagels, Roti’s, Gift Shops: can all be found at the bottom of the hill just off the big roundabout or in the Spiceland Mall.

Beach Vendors:  they are friendly and have business licenses but if you’d prefer not to buy, just say "no thank you". However, it is very safe to buy from them, and they are usually happy to barter.

Beach Loungers:  Bernard rents the beach loungers on Morne Rouge beach - it's how he makes a living. If you take a seat on a lounger he'll come to collect the nominal fee when he gets up from his nap!

There are many more suggestions we could have made of things to do, and place to go during your stay, but hopefully this list will provide you with a good starting point! If you want to know more, your host will be happy to help and advise.


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