Lime Place - Advice & Rules 

We want you to have the most amazing holiday, but at the same time it's important that you take care, stay safe, follow some simple advice and stick to the rules to ensure that this is the case - so here's the boring bit;  

  • You may meet other guests and residents during your stay, so we please ask that you are always friendly and courteous


  • Please respect others by not playing loud music or making excessive noise  


  • No smoking or vaping within the property or on the terrace   

  • Because Grenada is an island, resources are imported and therefore many things we take for granted are expensive, such as electricity and water, so please turn off the air-conditioning, lights and other things when you're not in the room  

  • Absolutely no pets or animals allowed   

  • Always take care to lock up when you go out   

  • If you break something let your host know about it - we have a 'you break it - you replace it' rule, so please try to take care!   

  • We don't provide a routine cleaning service during your stay; however this can be arranged if you'd like for a small local charge, please speak to your host  

  • Lime Place is yours whilst you're your there - treat it with the same love and care you would your own home  

  • The cleaner will take care of the towels and bed linen, and do a deep clean when you leave, but if you could have a tidy up before you go it would be appreciated - it may also provide a chance for you to spot any personal items that are about to get left behind!  

  • Feel free to leave behind any books you may have finished - I am sure other guests will appreciate them in the future, and of course, help yourself to another from the shelf if you'd like to

  • Please try to brush off excessive sand before entering the property to avoid bringing the beach inside - sand in the bed is never very comfortable! We have provided a small plastic tub which can be filled with water and placed outside for you to dip your feet in to before entering the property

  • Do not put food and other consumables out in the kitchen or other rooms as you will attract ants and other bugs looking for a meal  

  • Please depose of your rubbish regularly – when rubbish bags are full they should be taken to the garbage lock up just on the road outside the property - your host can show you where

  • Please do not put sanitary products down the loo – blockages are expensive and difficult to fix


  • Your host will explain how to use the washing machine – but setting 1 is good for pretty much any standard wash


  • Please avoid dirtying the furniture - if you sit on the sofa after rubbing yourself over with sun oil it will stain, and we will be likely to charge $100 for the cost of cleaning!   

  • Don't become a meal for mosquitos - keep the fly screens/ lightweight curtains closed to prevent them from coming inside, and wear insect repellent especially in the evenings  

  • A small number of beach towels are provided, so please do not use the white bathroom towels on the beach  

  • Strictly no parties or events   

  • During the day the sun can be very hot - so wear a high sunscreen at all times - if you run out the Spiceland Mall stocks various brands  

  • Due to reported cases of the Zika and Dengue virus in the Caribbean, it is important to take all precautions to avoid contracting the mosquito born virus. Women who are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant should take medical advice before travelling to countries where the virus is present.

  • When you arrive, you will be asked for a $250 damage deposit (unless this has been paid prior to travel), this will be returned to you at the end of your stay subject to the property being left damage free

  • Please take care with keys there is a $50 charge if you should lose or damage them


  • Note that the sliding fly screens are not always easy to see when you have them closed, people can tend to walk into them, and they break pretty easily


  • Be patient when using the hob, halogen hobs do take a little while to warm up, especially if you are used to gas - but it will get there in the end! And the metal plates should always be used to place your pot on.


  • As Lime Place is sat at the side of the bay, there are a small number of steps to walk up/ down to gain entry to the property, for this reason we are not accessible for wheelchair users  

Finally, we encourage you to bring just what you need, and take nothing home but lifelong fabulous memories!   

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