About the owners

Karen and Angus live in London with their grown up kids and not forgetting their Dachshund Millie. They have been visiting Grenada for many years as Angus' parents are from the north of the island, over this time it has become a very special place that is close to their hearts. 

Angus enjoys his football, and whilst his body tells him he is no longer young enough to play, he's a fantastic coach, as well as being a football scout for one of the top six premier league teams in the UK. Karen is not nearly as active as Angus (which isn't too hard) and loves music, cooking and painting.


We love Grenada because it's a place where people still value the simple things in life - the people truly are as beautiful as the landscape. It takes us back to a time where people say good morning, and have time for others, where they pass the time of day. Its a total transition from living in London, the pace couldn't be more different. This is why when we spend time in Grenada we like nothing better than to sit under a tree on the beach and 'lime'!  

Lime Place has no house number as such, and the street it's on has no name, this is typical in Grenada. In fact many years ago during the first trip we made, we paid a visit to a relative in Grenville, to the north of the island. We'd been given the number of the bus to take from St Georges, and we were told to tell the driver to let us off at the post office, where we were then met by a relative and walked back to the house. This seemed unusual back then, and we felt a little bit dodgy, especially being from London where people are automatically suspicious and wary of strangers. We spent most of the time on the bus feeling nervous about getting lost, and wondering whether the driver had forgotten us! We wondered why they hadn't simply given us an address so we could make our own way directly to the door, but now as we have grown to love Grenada and the laid back life style people enjoy there it all seems perfectly normal. 

We are delighted to be able to share Lime Place with others, in the hope that you will also be able to enjoy the simple things in life, the beautiful beach where some mornings you can find the odd turtle looking for breakfast in the shallow waters, a cold beer under the shade of a tree, and the warm breeze bringing Grenadian vibes!

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